Agreement for Fresh Bins Inc. Cleaning Services Duty:

  • The vehicle operator technician will place your bin in position to be cleaned with Initial preparation and conditioning of the trash bins, Our cleaning automation system will then take over, lifting and tilting bins into the cleaning position.


  • High pressure water using specially design cleaning heads will rotate within the bin till it’s clean. Once the wash cycle has completed, bin will be removed from wash bay.


  • A bio-degradable disinfectant/deodoriser will be sprayed into the bins, leaving it with a nice clean smell. All wheels are sprayed with an agent that prevents the build up of spiders and wasps, follow by hand towel dried the bins.


  •  Our operator will then return the bins to the specific location and return on the  selected service plan schedule date to maintain the specific task trash-bins.


  • The cleaning process only takes a couple of minutes, except for when we come across a heavy build up of soil in the trash-bins that may need an extra cycle to clean it.


  • We do not remove any paint, gum or debris from trash-bins.


  • Additional fees will be added if extra service is needed.

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