Fresh Bins Cleaning Service Plans:

Additional fees may vary trash and recycle bins only.

Alpha Service Plan

 Cleaning for 2 Trash Bins

 First time Cleaning

Level 5 Trash-Bins

  Non-Membership Special



Bravo Service Plan

Cleaning for 2 Trash Bins

6 Schedule Cleanings By-Monthly

With Service Agreement



Charlie Service Plan

Cleaning for 3 Trash Bins

12 Schedule Cleanings Monthly

With Service Agreement



The Cleaning Process Only Takes a Couple of Minutes, Except for When We Come Across a Heavy Build up of Soil in The Trash-Bins That May Need an Extra Cycle to Clean It.

We Do Not Remove Any Paint, Gum or Debris From Trash-Bins.

Additional Fees Will be Added if Extra Service is Needed.

Service Payment Must be Made to Fresh-Bins, No Refunds.

Service Plan Paid in Full by Service Starting Date.

Additional Bins Fees are $15.00 Per Bin.

Additional Heavy soil build up Cleaning Bins Fees: $125.00

Trash Bins Dirty Levels: 1to 5 Small build up of soil in trash bins.

Trash Bins Dirty Levels: 6 to10 Heavy build up of soil in trash bins.



Schedule a Cleaning Today!

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Fresh Bins Inc.

1345 serrano circle

Naples, FL 34105

9:00 to 6:00 pm 

Monday through Saturday

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