Dirty Trash Bins Pose Major Health Risks!
All that accumulate in your trash-bin during the week, such as food remnants, including raw and cooked meats, soiled nappies, used tissues, cleaning debris, pets waste and garden waste to become a source of breeding grounds for germs and bacteria such as Weyls, Salmonella, EColi and Listeria with the awful smell can attract rodents and insects.
Cleaning bins with a garden hose is just not going to cut it.
Fresh-Bins have an Eco-Friendly Solution Trash-Bins cleaning services are offered to residential and commercial customers in the Naples area.
We provide an environmentally friendly mobile cleaning service with our self-contained cleaning unit that pressure cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes your dirty, smelly trash-bins.
We offer multiple service plans to fit your individual needs.
We come the day of trash pick-up days to ensure your bins are always cleaned.
Email us at:sales@freshbins.com
We put the Green in Clean!

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